Thanks for your interest in writing for this website! I love connecting with fellow writers who can help B2B businesses improve their marketing strategy. That’s my aim around here, anyway.

This website has a readership of in-house and freelance B2B marketers, writers and consultants. 

Think you’ve got something they’d be interested in? I want to hear about it!

What topics can I write about?

If you’re interested in writing for us, I’m currently looking for articles on these B2B topics.

  • Content marketing – including strategy, content creation and promotion
  • Copywriting 
  • Email marketing
  • SEO – including local and link-building
  • Social media – including strategy and advertising
  • Video marketing

…But if you’ve got something like this, I’d be really excited to hear it. (They’re pretty high on my “would love to publish” list.)

  • CRO copywriting
  • The psychology behind marketing
  • Measuring the ROI of marketing

What will I get out of it?

I get it: If you’re guest posting (and writing for free), you want to get something from it. I’d be the same.

All guest posters will have their article:

  • Bylined by themselves, with an author bio and link to your site.
  • Shared excessively on my social media accounts.
  • Sent to my newsletter of B2B marketing professionals.

All I ask is that you share the blog post on your social platforms once it has been published. Simple, right?

Guest post guidelines

Think you’ve got a crackin’ idea to share? Please check out these guidelines before getting in touch.

Content must be relevant

Whilst we think that tips on shredding paper would be great for a business website, it won’t be a fit for us.

The readers of this blog are content marketers and freelance marketing writers, so please make sure that your guest post provides information that will be useful to them. If not, it won’t get published. (Harsh, but true.)

Articles must be at least 1,500 words

While I don’t believe in publishing blog posts that are stuffed solely to reach a word count, I’m a big believer in sharing actionable content that is in-depth and provides value. For that reason, please make sure that your article is at least 1,500 words! Long-form is fantastic.

Submissions must be unique

Even though the article on your blog may be fantastic, I only accept unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. It’s not good for SEO, and our aim is to make the site as unique as possible.

How do I submit my guest post?

Please send the following information to me: elise @

  • Your article idea – including a workable headline and brief summary of what you’re looking to write about.
  • Links to previously-published content (portfolio is great).
  • A fun fact about you.

If your article is a fit, I’ll be in touch within 3 working days. If not, I’ve decided to pass at this minute — but feel free to submit another idea, if you have one. 🙂

Got any questions I haven’t shared the answer to? I’m all ears. Email me directly and let’s get chatting: elise @