Because this blog is all about providing bloggers, freelancers or online biz owners with practical advice, I’m all-ears for any content suggestions that you have. For that reason, I’m open to guest posts on my site from fellow online whizz-kids who are looking to help liked-minded people build their own empire.

Currently, I’m accepting guest posts on the following topics: blogging, entrepreneurship, freelancing, productivity and social media.

All guest posters will have their article bylined by themselves, and links to your relevant blog posts are allowed within the article bio. All I ask is that you share the blog post on your social platforms once it has been published. Simple, right?

So, if you’re looking to write for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can’t wait to discuss a collaboration! ?

* Please note that there may be a publication fee for sponsored posts.

Guest post guidelines

We welcome guest post submissions from bloggers who would like to share their ideas, stories and how-to guides with our audience. We want you to have free roam and let your creative juices flow. However, we do request that you bear the following guidelines in mind:

Content must be relevant & aimed at our audience

Whilst we think that tips on shredding paper would be great for a business website, it won’t be a fit for us! The readers of this blog are primarily women aged 18-35 who run an online business or are a freelancer/blogger, so please make sure that your guest post provides information that will be useful to them.

Articles must be at least 800 words

While we don’t believe in publishing blog posts that are stuffed solely to reach a word count, we’re big believers in sharing actionable content that is in-depth and provides value. For that reason, please make sure that your article is at least 800 words!

Submissions must be unique

Even though the article on your blog may be fab, we only accept unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. It’s not good for SEO and our aim is to make the site as unique as possible.