Running a freelance business is hard. Luckily for us, there are some awesome (often free!) tools and resources that make our freelance writing jobs much easier.

Here’s the complete list of tools I recommend for freelance writers:

Freelancing tools

Can we get three cheers to freelancing, just for a sec? It’s awesome you’re building a business, but it’s not easy.

Asana: An awesome project management tools that helps me get stuff done… It helps me to work on projects, and acts as my daily to-do list.

Calendly: For scheduling meetings, calls and coffee chats.

Dropbox: I work on my laptop and PC, so I need to be able to access docs from various places. I use Dropbox for that.

Google Hangouts: Coz Skype can be a pain in the ass, right? I get this as part of my G Suite subscription (more on that later).

Writing tools

From researching your topic to crafting an A+ piece, here are my recommended writing tools for freelance writers:

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Which gives suggestions to make your headlines drive traffic, shares and search results.

Grammarly: For catching errors that I wouldn’t spot without proofreading my own work five times.

Thesaurus: To stop me using the words “great” a thousand times in one blog post.

Blogging tools

Fun fact: I started my first blog at the age of 12 (many moons ago). Here’s what I use to run, promote and optimize my blog:

Bluchic: Where my blog theme is from, and the landing pages, and pretty much everything else you see from me that’s design-related.

Buffer: How I schedule tweets for the week. Easy to use, and makes the whole sluggish task of scheduling social media a tad less boring.

ConvertKit: Are you part of the #FreelanceFridays crew? First thing: you’re awesome. Second thing: ConvertKit is how you signed-up, and the reason why my emails make it to your inbox.

Google Analytics: For seeing who’s landing on my site (like you, reading this!) and learning which pages/content are most popular.

Haute Stock: The best place for stock photos that don’t look like stock photos.

WordPress: My CMS of choice, obvs.

Yoast SEO: Which helps me to make sure my blog posts are SEO-optimized, before (and often after) hitting publish.

General biz tools

Chances are, you’ll need odd-job tools to run your biz smoothly. These are the tools for freelance writers I’d recommend for this:

DocuSign: For getting contracts sent and signed without printing. (Who really has time for scanning, these days?)

Google Suite: The best for creating a custom email address with your domain… I know, totes profesh.

The Contract Shop: For making sure I get paid on time, and saving my life on many occasions.


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Since I want this blog to be an honest community, I want you to be in-the-know about the affiliate links used on this page. I might earn a few extra pennies if you purchase something through one of these links, but rest assured knowing that I only recommend tools for freelance writers that I personally use, and believe in.