I’m not gonna lie, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes, I check it multiple (read: 50) times a day and others I couldn’t think of anything worse than logging on to find a status about what someone’s cooking for their lunch.

That being said, I am finding myself learning to tolerate it more since joining Facebook groups.

Now, if you’re anything like me, I know what you’re thinking right now: “Who even uses Facebook groups? Aren’t they just another feature that nobody actually uses?” (Ahem: poking).

Well, Facebook groups are a great way to grow your blog or online biz. Lemme tell you why:

  • They’re communities of like-minded people and biz owners, giving you support and making you feel less alone.
  • They’re a potential pool of people who would find the content you’re sharing interesting.
  • They could turn into clients if you offer a service that could lend itself to bloggers/creative entrepreneurs (such as freelance writing or virtual assistance).
  • You establish some form of expertise and people may turn to you for advice, building authority.
  • You can build your blog/biz’ Facebook page and create your own tribe!
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However, there’s a form of etiquette to Facebook groups and you can’t jump straight in with asking if anyone’s interested in what you sell. This might result in you getting reported to the group admins and banned.

Once you’ve been banned, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get back in. However, you can avoid getting banned (and grow your blog or biz at the same time!) by using these tips:

1. Introduce yourself

When you first join a Facebook group, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself and get your foot in the door. Not only does this help existing people in the group get to know their new members, but it gives you the opportunity to start conversations and begin to build your network.

Often, a group will have some form of introductory thread pinned to the top of the group. See this example posted by Jorden in Writing Revolters:

how to use facebook groups - introducing yourself

This post shows newbies what the group is about, along with prompting them to introduce themselves and engage with people in it.

It also directs you to the rules of the page which reduce your chances of accidentally posting something that gets you banned!

2. Turn on highlights

I’m a member of about eight groups on Facebook. Admittedly, it’s not a huge deal, but I found my news feed being jam-packed with blogging and biz stuff. Whilst I am a business owner and I love what I do, I felt like my personal downtime still had some form of “work” in it.

how to use facebook groups - highlight notifications

So, I turned on Highlight notifications and without sounding uber-dramatic, it’s probably the best tool I’ve found in my life.

Now, I only see posts on my that Facebook thinks I’ll be interested in (the algorithm is pretty clever and scarily accurate…), so I’m not overrun with biz-related stuff when my work-mode is turned off. Bonus!

3. Lend your advice

Even if you’re a new blogger and have only had a few months’ experience with blogging or business, I’d be willing to bet that you have some advice that other people would want to hear.

Use your past experience to lend advice to those asking questions within the Facebook group. Whether you’ve had a major blogging disaster, learned how to deal with problem clients or found a new strategy to get clients, share it!

Here’s an example of a post which I shared my advice:

how to use facebook groups - commenting

The original poster was looking for some advice from freelance writers using LinkedIn to find clients. Instead of posting a direct link with no actual response to her question, I explained a bit about my experience and how I got to the position I’m in now.

That comment itself got six likes and was my biggest source of blog traffic for that day.

Not bad for taking a few minutes out of your schedule and attempting to building a relationship, eh?

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4. Ask questions

Just like replying to other people’s advice, you should ask questions yourself!

To do this effectively, it’s important to post it in the most relevant group. For example, if I was looking for freelance writing advice, I’d post in a group for freelance writers. I wouldn’t share a blog-related question in here, just like I wouldn’t post a question about web hosting either.

How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Blog or Online Biz

The key to asking questions is to invite people to comment with meaningful answers. Try your best to avoid canned questions (i.e. yes or no questions), and if possible, ask people to share their story behind the advice they’re willing to offer.

Be sure to reply to as many comments as you get and use this as a base to build a relationship.

My favourite groups

If you think you’re ready to dive into using Facebook groups to grow your blog, wahey! Now it’s time to find some that are in your niche and requesting to join them.

Here are some of my favourite groups for bloggers, freelancers and online biz owners:

Blog BFFs with Zoe Linda

Zoe’s group is one of my favourite Facebook groups because out of all groups I’ve joined, I’ve found the most success with it. Covering everything from blogging and using social media strategies (particularly Instagram) to increase traffic, you can find Blog BFFs here.

Free resource library access

Writing Revolters

Calling all freelance writers; you need to join this group. Jorden’s group is an extension of her blog and if you’re stuck with something freelance writing-related, the guys in here are bound to have a great answer! Join Writing Revolters here.

Creative Freelancers Unite

I’d also recommend Lizzie’s Facebook group for any freelancers looking to share their stuff or interact with other writers. Posting regular updates inviting people to promote their latest blog posts and social pages, you can join Creative Freelancers Unite here.

As you can see, Facebook groups can be used to grow your blog when you use the right strategies. Have fun joining and don’t forget to read the rules after you’ve been accepted into the group!

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