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How to Be a Productive Small Business Owner

small business productivity

Running any kind of business is difficult when you don’t have the time, energy or resources to be productive. I’m not just talking about the kind of productivity which will turn you into a working machine. I’m talking about the productivity to actually get something worthwhile done, and avoid the disheartening feeling of slaving away at […]

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10 Reasons Why Clients are Not Hiring You


“Why clients don’t want to hire me?” Getting a job as a freelancer used to be much easier a few years ago. But that was before it became so popular and every third American (35% in 2016, according to Freelance Union) wanted to enter the gig economy. Today, more and more freelancers are struggling to […]

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10 Blogging Tasks for When You Don’t Want to Write


Let me guess: Even though you’re a blogger, you just get those days where you don’t feel like writing. Even the most passionate bloggers get them, and there’s usually nothing you can do about it. Whether you’re trying to motivate yourself to turn a blank screen into some form of content or you’ve simply not […]

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How to Increase Your Freelance Writing Rates


I’ve come across a fair few sticky situations as a freelancer. That being said, I’ve managed to get myself out of them – and even made more money by doing so! But the chances are, if you haven’t experienced any kind of freelancing success, you’re feeling something like this: Feeling unmotivated to finish a freelancing […]

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