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New, fresh content is always necessary for any blog. Not only does it aid with attracting your ideal audience, but it can build the trust in your ideal customer that you’re committed to providing them with excellent details about the industry before they make their purchase decision.

However, if you’re regularly posting excellent content on your blog, you’ll probably find that they’ll be pushed to the back of your archives for nobody to find. Despite providing your website with some sort of SEO value due to the increased number of indexed pages, it will be going to waste if it doesn’t get repurposed!

Here are six awesome ways to promote your old blog posts and ensure that it gets the attention it deserves:

Why should I repurpose my old blog content?

By repurposing old content that is hosted on your website, you’ll get the additional benefit of increased traffic when you promote it to your ever-expanding audience.

It also helps with boosting the SEO of your website. Having multiple pieces of content that focus around a similar theme increase your chances of ranking for that keyword. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to internally link to similar pieces on your blog.

If your business has significantly moved on from the time when the original piece was posted, you could even go back and monetise the article to supplement your income!

1. Post on social media

Before you attempt to do anything new with your old content, ask yourself the following questions about your most recent social media followers:

a) Will it be useful?
b) Have they seen this before?

If the blog post was originally posted months ago, there’s a high chance that a large proportion of your newest social media followers will never have seen it. With the potential to provide a larger audience with a reason to visit your website that is beneficial to them, you’ll see a boost in traffic and social engagement.

You can also attempt to use #hashtags or Facebook Groups to expand your audience. By finding a relevant search term or popular group that is used by people in your target audience, you’ll expand your reach and hopefully, gain some new readers.

2. Compile a features article

If you’re browsing your archives and notice a tonne of blog posts about a single topic, you could repackage them into a features article or ‘how-to’ guide.

Let’s say you’ve got a few posts about choosing an audience for your blog, writing for that audience and sharing to the audience. You could create a bumper guide called “The Ultimate Guide to Blogging for Your Target Audience” and internally link to the previous posts for people to find the full information.

By doing this, you’re creating brand new content to share on your social media, internally linking to improve SEO and boosting traffic by pointing people towards your old content. It’s a win-win-win situation!

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3. Make improvements

When it comes to reviewing your old content, you might actually find that there aren’t any pieces that are up to scratch compared to your new posts. Let’s face it, your writing skills can improve dramatically in just a few months, never mind years!

Before you dive straight in with posting the old content on social media, edit the original piece and make as many improvements as you can. Find new sources of information to update stats and make the piece more relevant; add in pieces of information that you’ve learned since writing; link to pieces of content that you’ve written since originally publishing.

Then, once your original piece has had some TLC, share it on social media!

4. Create a video version

Did you know that by 2020, it’s estimated that 75% of all mobile traffic will be video? With video set to be one of the biggest and most popular forms of content this year, you can get a slice of the action by repurposing your old blog content into a video.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or long-winded; simply grab yourself a camera and verbally explain the topic that you found in your archives instead of writing about it. After editing, you can attach it to your blog post and use this to gain more traffic, or post on popular video platforms like YouTube.

Posting on these additional platforms with suitable collateral can also help improve your audience reach, as well as making you more personable. People want to see the person or business behind the blog they’re reading, so use it to your advantage!

5. Use it in your newsletter

If your business has a mailing list, there’s a chance that people could be subscribed to but don’t follow you on social media, or regularly visit your website. In this case, how are they meant to know about your old articles?

A good way to incorporate old blog content in your newsletter is to add a small section towards the end, linking to blog posts with a title “You may have missed…”. Write a small summary of the article and add a call-to-action to encourage people to click through and read it.

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6. Use them as ideas for future content

If you’re looking back at your old blog content and thinking “there is nothing I can do with this!”, you don’t have to do anything with them at all – but they can still be useful to your new blogging strategy.

Let’s say that three years ago, you published an article about a new product that you launched. It might not be relevant to share at this moment because it’s no longer a ‘new’ product, but it might inspire you to create a feature on the new stock you purchased at the beginning of the fashion season that you completely forgot about.

What I’m saying is, you don’t have to let people know that these old articles are available (especially if they aren’t your finest pieces of work!), but you can still incorporate them somehow into your new content schedule to improve your website.

As you can see, there are several ways that you can repurpose old blog content so that it doesn’t get wasted in the archive.

What are you waiting for? Go find them, use them and better your website!

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