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When I first started blogging at the ripe old age of 13, I made a lot of blogging mistakes. Although some were easier to learn than others (such as naming my posts correctly!), there were many things that I missed out on through making these mistakes – increased traffic and social shares, just to name a few.

Fast-forward a few years and I like to think I know what I’m doing when it comes to blogging. Haven written more than 500 articles for my private websites and much more on behalf of my clients, I’ve learned from common blogging mistakes and now see much greater success.

I know that my story isn’t unique. When you begin blogging, there are thousands of tips, strategies and bits of advice. So much so that you can often get overwhelmed.

So, I wanted to ask some of my blog friends their biggest blogging mistakes in the hopes that they’d help you navigate through the complicated world of running a blog.

1. Not creating long-form content

“When I first started blogging for my business, my biggest mistake was blog post length. Back then, blog posts weren’t as lengthy of actionable as they are now. I wish I’d known back then that the more value I packed into my posts, the more helpful and unforgettable they would be to my audience!

The good thing is, blog posts are easily editable, so I was able to go through my blog posts and add more depth to my oldest ones. It’s something I recommend everyone does!”

– Nesha of Nesha Woolery

blogging mistakes


2. Failing to think of SEO

The biggest blogging mistake that I made when I first began was failing to make my articles (or website!) search engine-friendly.

Now, I make it a step in my blogging method to add SEO tactics to each blog post. This includes things like using keywords, changing the URL, naming images and internally linking to my other articles.

All of these things have a major impact on your organic traffic. Now that I use SEO techniques properly, I get visitors from work that I did months ago!

3. Not creating content for your audience

“My biggest mistake was not taking into account what my audience wanted to read. I thought I knew what they wanted, but I struggled to get views and interaction on my posts.

When I realised something needed to change, I started asking my email list and Facebook fans what they wanted to read and learn about, and started creating content around that instead of what I assumed they wanted to read. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but it has completely changed how I run my blog (for the better!).”

– Lizzie of Wanderful World

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“The biggest mistake I made when I first started blogging was not thinking about my target audience. To be honest, I probably had no idea who my target audience was at the time, so my content wasn’t focused – and didn’t really attract many readers! Over the years I’ve found that the more specific I can be about who I am blogging for, the more I can create content that actually attracts the right audience!

Over the years I’ve found that the more specific I can be about who I am blogging for, the more I can create content that actually attracts the right audience!”

– Elle of Wonderfelle Media

blogging mistakes

4. Not having a blog niche

“Having an unclear theme and purpose was the biggest mistake I made when I first started blogging. My posts ran the gamut of topics, from talking about my personal life and battle with depression to overly romanticizing the act of writing and remarking upon current events. I had no clear audience because I had no clear theme to my blog, so a post one week would attract totally different readers than the blog post the week before.

Since choosing to focus on documenting the process of growing my freelance writing career, my blog’s readership and engagement has grown and it’s easier to write for because I know exactly what purpose my blog serves now.”

– Dan of Dan Mattia

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“When I first started blogging, my niche was all over the place. I wanted to write as a creative outlet but it got to a point when I realised that no one really cared what I was writing about. I started to write more and more valuable posts about blogging help and social media tips, which I actually loved to share!

Now, whenever someone starts a new blog and asks me my number one piece of advice, it’s this: niche down. If you’re struggling to find a niche, decide what you love to write about, who you’d love to help, and what you’re passions are. You’ll find that your niche was under your nose this whole time!”

– Zoe of Zoe Linda

blogging mistakes

5. Forgetting about building a community

“Let me be honest – there were A LOT of mistakes I made when I first started blogging. But I’m glad I made them because they’ve helped shape my blog into what it is today. But the biggest mistake I probably made was that I didn’t put myself out there enough or push myself. I didn’t find my community until much later in my blogging career, and I didn’t reach out to meet new people either.

Finding your community and the people that want to learn from you is so important. No audience? No blog. Which was why in the first year of blogging, I only really had my friends and family as my readers, because I wasn’t pushing myself enough to find out what I really wanted to blog about.

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It was only when I decided to change my content strategy that I started going out to find where my audience was hanging out. I joined Facebook groups, interacted on Instagram and started conversations with strangers on Twitter, some of whom I now talk to on a weekly basis (and one reason why I’ve been asked to take part in this blog post by Elise!).

Not only did this mean I was learning SO much information, but I was engaging with people who directly fit into my target audience. My email list blossomed and now I’m even planning to start my own Facebook group for bloggers, so no one feels like they can’t put themselves out there and start a conversation.”

– Holly of A Branch of Holly

6. Following the crowd

Biggest mistake was blogging about what I saw all the other blogs about (style / lifestyle) even though I wasn’t good at or passionate about it. When I started blogging about something I was actually well versed in and cared about (business/branding and personal development), the trajectory of my blog shifted for the good.

– Maya of Maya Elious

What was the biggest blogging mistake that you made when you started?


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